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Electric drive sanitary management mode reform of enterprises need to adjust strategy
2014-12-19 11:59:03

In recent years, along with the rise of electric, electric and other new channel pattern began to cut a striking figure. The rapid rise of e-commerce, will compress the traditional channels share in a certain extent. Bathroom electric will be to represent the general trend, however, to completely abandon the traditional channels is not realistic, therefore sanitary enterprises can use online and offline combined model.

Electric change in marketing mode of sanitary enterprises

With the rise of 80, 90 of consumers, consumption patterns are changing, many people used to first find the information from the Internet, and then do the shopping decision, this is the influence brought by the development of the electric. According to statistics, the State Ministry issued the "electronic commerce" Twelfth Five Year "development planning" in put forward, to 2015, the electronic commerce transaction volume will exceed 18 trillion yuan, often the application of e-commerce of small and medium enterprises will reach more than 60% of the total number of small and medium sized enterprises.

Explain from this data, bathroom electric or and other industries, is the Internet transformation. In the business impact of large traditional industry channel today, the sanitary industry has felt the impact of the Internet business. The industry believes that the dealer may draw a junction for the future the bathroom industry development model.

Sanitary ware enterprises timely adjust strategy

Electric business strong rise largely diverted traffic traditional channel. At present the development of channels in many industries has received electric shocks, under the now market environment, network sale is eating into the line "cake", electric business to its price advantage to win more customers, such as erosion home shopping interests, therefore, bathroom enterprises using the online channel to seize market share advantage it is all the more obvious.

In order to minimize the business on the impact of the industry, sanitary industry in many businesses reference line operation of ideas, through offline activities to attract consumers to experience large discounts and promotions, hope to use take the volume of low cost ways to fight the electric. These are the new generation, derived from electric business mode, in the bathroom electric and the trend in the industry background, behind the bathroom enterprises the impact on the traditional mode in the fight against dealer, reflects the electric mode is to cater to the use of.

In such a mode change, sanitary ware enterprises both cater to the sales model against the Internet or thinking, is a new era of enterprise should actively market performance. No matter how changeable the bathroom market, sanitary ware enterprises as long as they can make appropriate strategy, adjust the direction in a timely manner to adapt to the market environment, can in the fierce competition in the future to find my place.