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Chinese car (motorcycle) parts base whispering Danyang
2014-8-15 14:50:59

The 2014 is nearly at the end of the year, birbal export market is still a "calm" state, in which the international market atrophy is one of the reasons, another reason is deeper, the traditional "Chinese manufacturing" mode competitive decline. Or, the bathroom industry once for the rapid development of the "low cost" advantage is gradually disappear. Sanitary products export is not only with the domestic competition, is the competition with foreign enterprises. And the bathroom brand to break success, must give the brand a correct and reasonable, the unique personality of the brand positioning, to form a stable brand influence.

A variety of models of bathroom outlet

At present, China's sanitary ware enterprises "going out" has many kinds of modes. Some sanitary ware enterprises by domestic and export agent, this kind of mode of small and medium enterprises use more, mainly dominated by the domestic export agents, expand and get orders from overseas, purchasing goods from domestic manufacturers. Although this model for the production of enterprises, expand the cost is low, operation is also more flexible, but often order gross lower order, continuity is poor. And most importantly, the overseas customer resources are not available, is still in the hands of the export agent link, for enterprises, can only get the current limited income, not the accumulation of long-term development of customer resources.

Some sanitary ware enterprises will be built to expand overseas business department, through the self-service for the initiative and contact with overseas clients in a way that can solve a model overseas customer resources cannot be accumulated problems, enterprises can not only obtain orders for overseas customers, but also through continuous in-depth cooperation, continue to increase each customer order quantity and order value access to income, long-term business. But the main problem of this mode is to develop high cost, development speed is slow, and expand the scale is limited, after all alone sanitary ware enterprise itself overseas business expansion, strength is relatively weak.

Also there are some sanitary ware enterprises will participate in professional exhibition held overseas, which at present to "go out" of the enterprise, is the effect of the most direct, long-term benefit is the best way for the exhibition scene demonstration effect is the most direct, face-to-face on-site communication is more smooth, natural order to reach a higher rate of. Add to participate in this customer is relatively concentrated, the scene into a single volume is high, even if the site did not reach a cooperation, still can let customers for the enterprise image, the product has the full understanding, to lay a good foundation for the subsequent possible cooperation. But this is the way the highest cost. In addition to the high participation fee, make most of domestic enterprises is puzzled that the overseas exhibition on Chinese enterprises exclusion.

Sanitary ware enterprises export also really need to break into the market

China sanitary ware enterprises "going out" is not the ultimate goal, truly realize the "walk in", establish the brand to China in the international bathroom industry bigger and stronger. Only China sanitary ware enterprises set up their first this awareness and confidence, can from the simple "going out" the transition to a truly comprehensive "go", not simply selling products, but to establish a brand in China, torsion on the international market for Chinese manufacturing low-end inherent impression, and became the new order of International market and new pattern builders.

A bathroom brand as an example, used to export is mainly according to the customer's order a single container a container delivery, but in recent years, more and more requirements of customers to participate in the space of the design work, and even some customers will be sent directly to the drawing requirements they do design and distribution.

"Although this makes the domestic sanitary ware brand export work adds a lot to the workload, but also increase the larger profit space, for example by a product mix synergy benefits, again for instance bring the whole space design value-added services etc.." The industry said, "international business distinguishes our pure export in some enterprises, the first is to provide the perfect after-sales service. Coupled with these provide whole space design and other value-added services, allows customers to see is to solve the overall space program effectiveness, largely avoided the material based on simple products in terms of price over, effectively improve our bargaining power in the international market."

Now, with the acceleration of the process of internationalization, although the export countries take anti-dumping strategy, make the bathroom enterprises cold on the export side, but also a challenge and opportunity to the sanitary enterprises, facing the embarrassing predicament, sanitary enterprises also need to actively respond to, from the point of view of own products, build character and practical quality beauty products and promote the upgrading of sanitary enterprises strategy.