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Auto parts export performance
2014-8-15 14:48:16

In the blink of an eye in 2014 has come to an end, the bathroom at home after more than 30 years of the development process of the industry, through a tough year. During the large bathroom enterprises to discuss the future development direction, also appeared opposite antithesis. Whether online electric and offline channels fighting each other, or intelligent and traditional debate, or is listed and not discuss, have let the whole bathroom industry in cold days are full of positive energy.

Discussion on financing and not listed

Listing Corporation, a word on how tall, now it seems as long as listed enterprises means that have been successful in general. So this year in the bathroom industry also set off a wave of listed.

In July 4th, the Commission issued the "IPO review and termination of examination the enterprise basic information table", 14 pan Home Furnishing enterprises impressively in the column, and Songfa ceramics, Salus, imperial ware and other ceramic sanitary industry well-known brand is "still standing", which also confirmed the rumors of bathroom industry enterprises listed the major suit. However, subsequent developments is surprise, with the materials back and other formalities of delay, so far, these to listed companies still have not successfully listed, however, is involved in the development of enterprises listed in drag, a number of factors of disharmony.

In 6-7 months, rich island Home Furnishing and Hua Yuanxuan furniture has heard the news of the collapse, and one of the biggest reason is not successful, the listing of enterprises led to capital chain rupture, triggering a series of problems, leading to the final business to collapses. Although the current sanitary industry also does not appear in such a situation, but sanitary ware enterprises should also be cited this as a warning, listed is good, but the enterprise cannot throw the helve after the hatchet, all the "Hope" lies in the listed above, after all there are many listed financing channels, is only one of them.

The personage inside course of study points out, current, our country is at a critical stage of a large number of sanitary enterprises bigger and stronger, if only by the previous self accumulation, rolling development has been far can not meet the huge demand for funds. To absorb the risk investment has become the inevitable choice to realize the large bathroom enterprises industrial upgrading, expanding fast, but in the choice of financing, enterprises also need to look before you leap, not a way to black, so finally the injured will be his.

Intelligent and traditional debate

With the development of science and technology, intelligent is no longer exclusive terms of Electronic Science and technology, smart home has gradually become a new way of life. In apple, Google, Alibaba and other Internet technology heavyweights layout of smart home market, the smart home has ushered in the "spring".

However, in the development of intelligent sanitary ware, many enterprises also have different opinions, some enterprises that belong to the private space in the bathroom, bathroom should by manual operation to make the whole process more humane, it is the consumer required. But also some enterprises think intelligence should be fully intelligent, consumers without the use of hands can achieve all the functions.

But the current intelligent sanitary products on the market point of view, undoubtedly belongs to the highest level of intelligent intelligent closestool. But consumer feedback, this too "intelligent" toilet, let a person do not adapt to the. Especially in the "automatic drying washing" and other functions, many consumers said, completely unable to accept this function.

The writer's view, the rapid changes in technology today, intelligence is the trend of bathroom. But in the development of intelligent, sanitary ware enterprises also need to consider carefully, some consumers deeply ingrained habits or don't break. As Ma Yun in the General Assembly said like that: "all the intelligent computer control will make people lose self, in the consumers' self consciousness strengthened today is certainly not, that kind of feeling like a computer in the controller, which is not desirable."

Therefore, the bathroom is to improve the development of intelligent life based on the consumer level, rather than allow consumers to lose a form of self. Only the real needs of consumers firmly grasp, developed the most practical value of sanitary products, sanitary ware enterprises can go further intelligent development.

Battle channels and online electric line

This year on the home industry the impact of non "business" the biggest itself, especially in the new record of double eleven again innovation in 57100000000, and after a lot of touch "electric" sanitary ware enterprises tasted a lot of sweetness in them, "national electric" was in the bathroom industry, even a lot of people shouting "line will die" slogan.

But in contrast, many sanitary ware companies or claimed to adhere to the line channel, think electric business is only suitable for garment electronic and food and other small items, said big bathroom furniture products only through distributors or store can have a future.

On the surface, fair say communal reason both sides just said, to carry out business owned his plans, adhere to the channel below the line also has its sticking to truth. But now in the Internet has penetrated into people's lives all aspects of the case, to embrace the electric business really is the trend of the times; but the bathroom home industry also because of special industries, like clothing and electronics industry so easy "to use".

With the continuous change in people's spending habits, online shopping has indeed become a "routine", but for the bathroom and other household products, more consumers still prefer to personally experience to decide to buy. So the bathroom industry also